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Sleeping Out For The Salvos

Jim’s Story

When we first encountered Jim he was living in a shelter he had built out of an old tarp and some sticks.  He had been there for eight months, with just the clothes he was wearing, a blanket and a pot.

It took a long time to build a trusting relationship with Jim. One day he would be happy to see us, the next it would be impossible to converse with him.  Eventually he started to open up about his life, including the abuse and neglect he suffered as a foster child.  Jim had been living on the streets, using illicit drugs, since age 13.

We worked hard with Jim to address his multiple, complex issues.  Through medication and counselling he is managing his mental health; he has gained some casual employment enabling him to pay off his debts; and after completing a housing program he found himself a private rental where he has been living for six months.

The last time we saw Jim, he told us that this is the first time in his life he has ever felt safe.


Be involved as a Sleeper or a Sponsor


You can find out, in a small way, exactly what a homeless person is going through.  All you have to do is ‘sleep rough’ on the 24th September from 8pm the forecourt of the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart, which is our partner in this challenge.  Whether you’re an individual, a CEO, a politician or a community leader, it’s a way to lie down and be counted while raising vital funds through sponsorship to keep The Salvation Army’s Street2Home (S2H) program alive.

If sleeping rough isn’t your thing then jump on board the sponsorship bandwagon.  Our sponsors not only support our Sleepers, but are crucial to the continuation of the S2H program. Speak to Lisa Taton, Public Relations, 03 6228 8400 or email sleepingout@aus.salvationarmy.org to find out more.